Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest // Project:: Sharon's Easy Peezy Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnet Makeup Board

Today we have another new guest blogger to introduce, Sharon. I met Sharon while working in PR. She’s a great writer and savvy creative so naturally we hit it off! Here’s Sharon’s fun and *easy peezy* DIY post to share with us::

When I moved into my apartment, I was excited that they allowed pets and there was a nice-sized kitchen. I was not excited about the tiny bedroom. I have very little wall space, too. Unfortunately, I have a lot of makeup and I prefer not to keep it in the bathroom because of the moisture. I stumbled upon a magnetic eye shadow board on Pinterest and thought this would be great to use for all of my makeup. It was the perfect way to go vertical! The original Pinterest item was a photo frame with a metal board cut to size. While I liked this idea, it didn’t work for two reasons:  a) it was too small for all of my makeup and b) I’m lazy and didn’t want to deal with the cutting of the metal and figuring out the assembly of the frame part. So I found a larger magnetic board from IKEA complete with holes and ready to hang!

Magnetic board from IKEA
Fabric to cover board (I just bought a full yard… this was more than enough. But remember, you need to be able to cover the sides.)
Spray adhesive
Scissors or razor
Hot glue and glue gun
Strip and circle magnets (Make sure they are strong and can stick to something through the packaging. This is VERY important. When you cover the board with fabric it will make it harder for the magnets to stick.)
Toilet paper rolls

Here’s how I did it:

Magnet Makeup Board
1. Assemble the board:: Do a rough cut of the board on top of the fabric (if there is a lot of excess fabric it will be annoying to deal with). Lay the fabric on a flat surface that is covered so the adhesive doesn’t get on it. Spray with adhesive and let it get a tacky. Put the magnetic board on top of it and stretch it all the way to the back. Move quickly to get rid of bubbles. On the back trim the excess fabric and use a razor or sharp scissors to poke out the holes for hanging.

Magnet Makeup BoardMagnet Makeup Board
2. Magnetize the makeup:: Hot glue magnets to the back of your makeup. You will probably have to glue several magnets to heavier pieces. For flat, larger surfaces like compacts, I found that the strips worked best. I also would try to cover as much of the back as possible with the strips. You don’t want your makeup falling off all the time or easily getting knocked off. I also found that the adhesive backing on the strips seemed strong enough to stay on and you don’t need to hot glue it.

Magnet Makeup Board
3. Make brush holders:: As I was in the middle of the craft I realized it would be silly to attach magnets to every tiny brush I had. I cut toilet paper rolls to size and then covered with fabric using spray adhesive. To close the bottoms I just folded the fabric on top of itself and hot glued it shut. Just don’t stick anything too heavy in there. You will need four round magnets to secure these.

Tips: Now that I’ve been using the board for a week or so, I’ve found that you don’t want to crowd your makeup. Otherwise when you go to put something back on the board you will easily knock something else off.  I also wouldn’t put anything that’s glass or very precious up there as things can get knocked off.

About Sharon: Sharon Fain is a freelance communications consultant (visit her professional site for more info) and professor of public relations and journalism. She does not consider herself particularly crafty—more practical, cheap and inventive.  Her proudest DIY creation is her $49 IKEA bed that she stained, made her own headboard for, and got a free box spring for it. You can see her style on Pinterest.

If you would like to be a guest DIY blogger, please contact me at: ahomebeautiful at gmail dot com.

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