Saturday, April 30, 2011

Little Man is Growing Up

Today was a beautiful sunny day and while my husband worked on a new DIY Pallet Garden project (photos coming soon!), I took some photos of our little man. He has grown so fast and is one handsome puppy. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AroundTown:: Our Local

Me and my hubby enjoying a Boddingtons - one of the last good beers left from our Beer Braggers card - at our Local.

What’s a Local, you ask? Everybody needs a good Local. To reference my Irish heritage, it’s your local neighborhood pub. You know, the dark wood, low lights, sports on TV type hole in the wall…where everybody knows your name. Like a Cheers - I love that show! 
My husband and I both love a good beer, and similar to it’s fancier counterpart, beer tasting has become a trend. So, naturally, when we moved to a new area and checked out the local scene we passed up the trendy, neon lights of the main strip and opted for a more traditional spot. We even found one with a Beer Braggers Board: drink all of the various beers the bar offers - international delights and American spoils alike - in one year and you get your name on a gold plaque on the beer braggers wall.  We frequent it quite a bit, and yes, all of the bartenders and some of the servers know our names. We’ve even made some great friends there too!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Project:: Antique Windows

I found these windows at a local antique shop a few months ago for only $10. I’ve been working on turning one of them into a patio table for our quaint backyard sitting area. When it’s finished transforming into the beauty I imagine it to be, I’ll share a post on how it turned out and how you can do this yourself. I can’t wait to enjoy sipping my morning coffee alongside my breakfast plate!