A beautiful home goes beyond the things you chose to put in it. Your home tells a story of who you are, what you value, the treasures you cherish and the many pieces of your life. What you share of yourself is what makes a house your home. 

My name is Ashley and my husband Scott adds his creative input and is a huge support for my efforts here on ahomebeautiful. Together we aim to inspire, share and build our home with you through the beautiful things we make, find, build, treasure, eat, cook, repurpose, create, wear, shop, and just plain love!

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  • DIY PROJECTS of things we build together or crafty projects that I make. 
  • Home DECOR ideas we come up with as we decorate our new home.
  • Little TREASURES we find thrifting or we've collected over the years filling our home with memories of friends, family and travels.
  • GOOD EATS from our explorations of food in and out of our kitchen. 
  • STYLE that I love from my very own closet. 
  • Great MUSIC that we both love on Music Mondays. If you want great music ideas all the time, follow my husband on his tumblr, Feed From the Bottom.
  • Occasional photos and antics of our wonderful Boston Terrior, BOTTI.
  • Photos from AROUND TOWN adventures in the Los Angeles/Orange County area...and our travels!
  • OUR HOME in photos.

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