Friday, February 7, 2014

What's On My Plate! // Pacific Rockfish

Welcome to our first official What's On My Plate! post. If you don't know about #womp or what it's all about, read here.

My husband and I have started a new food tradition recently. Once a week he stops in at our local Santa Monica Seafood or other fabulous local fish market we have around SoCal - the pleasure of living near an ocean. I have never made pacific rockfish before. It was such a tasty and easy fish to cook. My husband asked for a few tips on how to cook it at the market, and the suggestion that caught my pallet that night was to put a little cajun seasoning on it. After searching how best to cook this new-to-me fish I found a Simple Cajun Seasoning mixture, and I read that dredging it in flour and sautéing it is a really great way to treat this fish. I served it with sautéed spinach with garlic and my husband's favorite - plain white, Japanese rice.

Here's how I made it::
1. Heat a pan on high heat for several minutes making sure it is hot and ready to go.
2. Rub the fish down with the simple Cajun seasoning and cover in a flour (I used a soft winter wheat flout - looks like and cooks like a white flour but healthier).
3. Add butter to pan and let melt.
4. Add fish to pan.  This fish was thin so I was able to keep the heat high without burning it. If your fish is thicker, turn the pan down at this point.
5. Now don't touch it!! Let it get a good crust and cook most of the way. You'll see the edges of the fish change color as it cooks.
6. Flip it, and cook at least half the time as it took to cook the first side. The fish is done if it starts to separate a bit.
7. Serve the beautiful crusty-side up and enjoy!

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