Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project:: Reading Glass Necklace

Reading Glass Necklace
My husband's Nana recently asked me to make her a beautiful reading glass chain and his mom told me she had seen someone wearing one with a loop in the middle of a necklace to hold your glasses. I like the idea of something that looks beautiful when you aren't using it but has utility when you need it to. So I started browsing some of my favorite places for jewelry inspiration and came up with a JCrew inspired style based on a necklace by LoveStitched with ribbon bows tied in between beads. 

Here's how I made it:

1. Choose a 1/4 inch ribbon color of your choice. I used transparent cream to keep it matching most outfits with an elegant feel to it. The circles I could to use as the glasses holder loop I was able to weave the ribbon through. I wove the ribbon half way around and then tied it so it would hang at the correct angle when worn. I added a bow to secure the ribbon to the edge to start the beads. If you use a solid loop, tie the ribbon and then add a bow where you make the knot to cover it up before you string your first bead. 

2. String your beads. I used crystal beads. Frosted glass beads would look nice as well. Choose beads of difference sizes to give a cascading look. I used two large, two medium and three small. String the first bead, tie a small bow with extra ribbon and trim the bow and continue. I added silver decorative buttons at either end when I was done with the beads to finish each side. I love buttons and think they can look a lot more elegant than some silver beads. 

3. Trim your excess ribbon to the length you want your necklace with enough extra ribbon to tie a bow around the neck. 


  1. Oh! I love love love this - I will definitely have to make one for myself. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Jennie! I hope you like the blog and share it with others who would too. Also, check out the latest necklace I made here:

    ♥ Ashley