Saturday, May 14, 2011

Treasure Hunt:: Vinyl Record Player

Vinyl Player by ahomebeautiful

When my husband said he wanted a record collection it was one of those little moments where your heart spikes and you feel completely meant to be together. We both believe good music is just about as important as breathing in life and both grew up with great music in our homes. So when we realized we desired to bring that into our home together, it was a beautiful connection.
As I’ve been busy decorating our home and reeling him into my DIY projects, he was inspired to add his own touch by bringing home this Record Player recently. While it isn’t a vintage player as he had originally hoped, it’s actually better in a nostalgic sense. It is the exact same player his parents had when he was young. The same one that grew his love and excellent taste for music. I love it! 
We have a great start to our record collection - the Dead, the Doors, MJ, various jazz, Earth, Wind & Fire (my fave!) - all discovered at record stores in LA and our parents garage, of course. PoobahCanterbury and Penny Lane in Pasadena, Amoeba in Hollywood, and Atomic Records in Burbank are a few vinyl treasure sites to start working on your collection. If you are selling excellent condition records in the LA area, please contact us!

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