Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going Green:: A New Way to Travel

We did it! We sold my old car and bought a scooter. My husband did all the research and decided on a BMS Kerrigan T-150 in green like the one pictured. It's highway legal in California, holds two people and can go up to 65 mph. But he'll mostly be using it on surface streets to get to work and to get us Around Town so we can share our local travels with you. Oh and I must mention the most important gets up to 100 mpg. Take that $4 gas prices!


  1. Awesome! Riding a motorcycle or scooter around town is the best! Good for you for getting rid of your car...if you've got one between the two of you, that's all you need.

  2. We love it, Ana! We only have one car now. I love that you lived without a car for a while in LA no less (and blogged about it). Wish we could do the same but *sigh* we just can't get far enough without. I can't wait for our first concert outing, skipping by traffic and scooting around town!