Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday:: Feed From the Bottom

It's only fitting that on this particular Music Monday I dedicate this post to my husband's music blog. He is finally getting me to go to my very first Phish show today. No he's not a hippie! (Not that there's anything wrong with hippies...if you know me, you'd know it just wouldn't mesh.) He is simply a huge fan of really good music and Phish's infamous jam band vibes lured him in long ago and the rest is history.

Overall, I really love his taste in music and one of our favorite things we enjoy together is seeing live music. He is always on top of what's new and what's good whether it's in the jam, indie, or other obscure music scenes he's probably heard of it. I love the days when I can share a new song with him that he enjoys and hasn't already heard. If you like getting your music before anyone else and like good jams, follow his blog, appropriately named for one his favorite band's tunes. Visit FEED FROM THE BOTTOM, follow and enjoy!

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