Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest // Spray Paint Transformation:: Jennie's Entry Way Display

Before and After

Jennie's entry way is painted and complete! What was once a plain wall niche is now a colorful bookshelf nook with lots of personality. And she did it all for less than $60! Wow. Here is what she had to say about how she made this thrifty and beautiful project happen...

This total look cost me $59.50 ($9.00 of it from a few years back). So it cost me about $50.50 now to do this. Below are my supplies and steps I took to achieve this great new look!

Bookshelf - As you may recall from my sneak peak post into what I'd be repurposing and sharing on ahomebeautiful, I scored this solid wood bookshelf from a local thrift store. I gave it an easy spray paint transformation by painting it black using two cans of $1 generic spray paint from Lowe's. Total cost:: $21

Artwork - I found this floral artwork for only $4.50 at my local thrift store as well. I purchased a new 50% off frame at Michael's for $20. Super easy makeover. Total cost:: $24.50

Candleholders - Another great thrift store find from a couple years ago for $1 each. I added new vanilla pillar candles from Dollar Tree for $1 each. Total cost:: $4

Birdcage  - this is actually leftover from our wedding decor so it is now repurposed as decor in our home and is a treasured memory. Total cost:: Free

White Ceramic Jug - I found this great vase/jug on Marshall's clearance rack a few years ago. Total cost:: $5

Wall Paint - Home Depot has a lovely little selection of paint called "Oops paint" that they sell for super cheap. Had I bought a new can of paint, even for this tiny space, it would have cost $30! This "oops" was a bold blue that complements our artwork. Total cost:: $5

Books - These are leftover from college and graduate school, books I want to hang onto but won't read regularly so they work great to store here and be on display. I'm not even going to think about the cost of some of these, so we'll say these are repurposed. :) Total cost (for this project):: Free

I love my new entry way nook! I have another great piece I'll be working on for this area and will be sharing once it's complete.

If you would like to be a guest DIY blogger, please contact me at: ahomebeautiful at gmail dot com.

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