Saturday, January 18, 2014

Healthy Start 7 // Day 4

Half way through our Healthy Start 7 eating plan, Day 4 was an easy day. Lots of leftovers to choose from and an easy and delicious dinner that took no effort to enhance flavors to our preference. We loved it! Check out Days 1, 2 and 3 while you're here.

Leftover quinoa chili with a twist...scrambled eggs. This was soooo good. Like so good I want to eat it now talking about it good. The light and fluffy, no frills scramblers added such a great texture to this already tasty dish. I say no frills because my husband usually cooks eggs around here...(side note: he makes the best eggs I've ever eaten. In. My. Life.  Including every amazing hotel breakfast bar with super pro chef omelets and stuff. Yep, his are the best, ev-ah...ever? ever? Yes!) However, his have cheese, which we weren't eating so hence, no frills. Being married to the best egg maker ever has it's perks, like he taught me his light and fluffy secrets. So maybe, one day, I'll divulge them here. To you. And then you can impress your other halves too.

PS: Little one was into this dish the first time, but put some of dad's fluffy eggs in it. No stopping him. He tried to eat half my breakfast at the park this day. He's so a future foodie like his mama.


Tonight we tried the Healthy Start 7 Lentil Bean Soup recipe. Spot on! This recipe is perfectly delicious and is going to have a long life in our home. We both already want to eat it again soon. It makes a good amount too. Not so much that you get tired of eating the leftovers, but enough that you get to enjoy it a few times. Little one's verdict here? He was obsessed with this soup. Which was great for me because it was packed with healthy food and getting him to eat veggies these days isn't always the easiest. Win all around!

Note: I tried this recipe both as is and partially blended as it suggested and we preferred it partially blended.

Aren't beans bright and beautiful before they're cooked? What are your favorite lentil dishes?

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