Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year's Resolution #3: Healthy Living // TLP Style (Part 1)

If you've been following along, earlier this week I shared my New Year's Resolutions #1 & #2. Today I'm sharing the last but not least, Resolution #3. I hope you enjoy!

First, what is Total Life Pursuit?  "Total Life Pursuit is all about pursuing life totally!" TLP, as it's known for short, is a lifestyle.  (It is also a book.)  TLP is living in excellence and prospering in every area of life. It teaches you how to get to the next level in each of area of life (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational, and financial) and to recognize that true change and a new way of living is totally possible.

Since I've had the pleasure of coming alongside and partnering in TLP with our Pastor (you can read all about that in Resolution #1), I've also had the opportunity to learn and practice this lifestyle. I am currently in a season of focusing on the physical area of life. I don't believe you can change all areas of your life at once, nor does TLP prescribe you do this either. That would be way too hard, and true change takes attention and dedication.

So my main focus right now is on two things: working out and eating healthy. Typical resolutions, right? They would be if it meant intending to go to the gym more and wishing I ate healthier. But since I'm practicing them TLP style, these are things I'm actually doing and achieving, and you can too!

View from the top of Mammoth mountain (no filter)

Working out:
Since our Pastor is a CPT, I've started doing his TLP workouts. Wow! These are amazing. I've been training once a week for just under three months now and I have seen tremendous results. As in, I actually have visible abs in my stomach. I'm a naturally thin girl (thank you Lord for skinny g.e.n.e.s!), but I have had a little one and I'm not in high school anymore...or my 20s either (so it's been way long since I've seen abs, okay). I'm a proud thirty and a hot wife and mama! However, after a little one, turning thirty, and let's face it, taking care of your home, husband, baby, etc... finding time to take care of your body? Not always easy! I had definitely dwindled in my motivation in the physical area of life. I had settled for what TLP defines as mediocre - which for me was relying on my skinny genes, hoping my under arm flab wouldn't get too saggy or noticeable while going to an occasional gym class or running/walking the dog/baby a few times a week. That's not much of a workout routine and hoping/wishing to be physically fit (...someday again...) does nothing for you!

What I've discovered about my workout motivation is that having a regular workout date with a trainer or class is a must for me! I did this while I was pregnant and it kept me in amazing shape, kept me at a healthy weight gain and I believe helped shed the pounds after the baby not to mention the strength it gave me during labor. (But more about that another day...). If you can't afford a personal trainer, join a gym and take classes. If you can't afford the gym, join a local community class or other local meet up groups - there are sooo many if you look for them. If you can't afford that and you have the internet (you at least have access to it, because you're reading this!) there are lots of sites that offer daily workouts and communities online that can encourage you to stay committed and accountable to your fitness routine. (One I personally like is The Daily Hiit. Their high interval workouts are intense, a quick 12 minutes, and quite effective). 

So why do I want to work out? 1) To feel good. And not just about myself and physical looks, that's nice and all, but to physically feel g o o d for my life. My whole life. I want to get out of bed when I'm 80 and not be afraid of falling, cracking, or not even be able to walk. I plan to live a long, long life so I want to live it vitally. I want to keep up with my kid(s) as they grow. I want to participate in the active part of life. I want to travel and ski with my husband in the years we actually have more money to afford skiing! I want to look out over God's creation and beautiful landscapes from the mountaintop well into old age!

What's my third resolution of 2014?

Resolution #3 (Part 1): I have changed my mind that working out is and will be a regular way of life for me. This currently means keeping up with TLP training, attending 2-3 regular classes a week at the gym, walking or jogging my baby on my other non-rest days of the week, and doing 1 interval training on my own, either at the gym or at home. This last one is because I want to encourage myself that working out is truly my new way of life and I don't always need to depend on training or a class to do it. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!

What is your workout motivation? Share what works for you or what keeps you going in the comments. Thank you beautiful followers for your motivation.

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