Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Home:: Where it Started

A throwback Thursday to our little house in Los Angeles where I originally started this blog just for fun. As a freelancer you tend to have periods of unemployment and during a rather dry season for work, this hobby started. Here are a few old school photos (a few saturated pre-instagram photo effects) of our cute little house. This is the house where we started our family. It will always be a treasure to us.

Our Home Sweet Home

Love Note Morning Glories

Patio Nook

The backyard was featured on and remolded by an HGTV show. I loved all the wall textures, built in bench, and layers of foliage. And there were cute party lights for entertaining at night. It was the first place I spent with my morning coffee and devotionals and where we ended many evenings with a nice glass of pinot by the fire pit. When we have our own home someday, I can't wait to design a comforting oasis backyard!

Grill Oasis

Side Yard

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