Friday, July 1, 2011

Decor:: Contact Paper Window Shades

Orange Glow Window TreatmentOrange Glow Window Treatment

In decorating our bedroom I've been wanting to incorporate a warm orange as the pop of color in the room.  I have a few ideas for accessories, but when our neighbor recently installed a flood light illuminating their backyard all night...and our bedroom...I got a great idea. I didn't want to change the pretty sheer curtains I hung to ugly blackout curtains just to solve my problem so I gave our bedroom window a stained-glass treatment with Contact Paper.

I chose this beautiful orange patterned Contact Paper that I am also using on another project updating a bookshelf (diy instructions included). It's just opaque enough that it helps block out the light at night but also lets a pretty warm glow into the room during the day adding that pop of orange I wanted to the sheer white curtains. Plus, our home gets a lot of natural light, including the bedroom, so now we have a comfy place to retreat if one of us wants a nap or isn't feeling well.

This solution is easy, cheeper than curtains or shades, and if you tire of it or want to take it down it's made to come right off with no problem.

Here's how I did it:
1. Measure the window panes. Cut the contact paper in as large a strip as possible to fill the window with one cut. If you have to use multiple cuts line the edges up so that the paper doesn't overlap much so the light shows through evenly.
2. Follow the instructions for applying the Contact Paper making sure you clean your windows before applying.


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