Saturday, July 23, 2011

Treasure Hunt:: Thrift Store Visions

Thrift Store Visions

Part of the excitement about thrift store shopping is finding an amazing piece in great condition. Like this yellow plate with a feathered, painted brown edge. It's going to make a great pop of color for a house plant base. And since I found a great little book on growing house plants, I plan to hunt for some more fun plates once I gain my long-awaited green thumb. So far, I've really struggled with this hobby.

Finding great pieces or total steals like my books is fun in it's own right, but real successful thrift store hunts take vision. Being able to imagine the beauties you can turn someone else's recycled wears into is part of the thrill. To everyone else, they pass these items by as trash but being able to see potential can get you some real steals. 

For example, the three frames were each under 50 cents and are going to make a beautiful jewelry display by my wardrobe station in our bedroom. This $2 basket is going to get a makeover as well and be used as a key catcher by our front door. The framed pressed flowers looks shabby with the brown frame they are currently in. But I don't even have to get a new frame. For less than $4 and a little spray paint transformation, this will make a nice orange and white accent that will fit great with the orange accents in our bedroom, or the bookshelf we just put in the office.

All of these items will be featured under our DIY posts this coming week so check back for the beautiful transformations from this Treasure Hunt.

What types of items have you transformed from your local thrift store or flea markets? 

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