Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday:: Helio Sequence

It's been an entire week since I've blogged...where does the time go? Since it's Music Monday I decided to kick off this fresh week of posts with another inspirational tune that relates to some upcoming posts. My husband and I could not get enough of The Helio Sequence (*free* mp3 downloads on their site) on our latest road trip to Yosemite (pics coming soon!). Partly because it's one of the few bands where I actually uploaded the entire album to my phone because it's just that good....I definitely recommend buying the entire album...but also because this  song in particular has a great upbeat summer vibe, perfect for cruising through beautiful mountain views with all the windows down on a hot summer day. Love it!

Beyond the catchy indie vibe of Helio, I love this band because they're lyrics actually matter. Can't Say No responds to the consumptive nature of America and is totally relevant to the latest Going Green posts I'm working on this week so stay tuned and, as always, ENJOY!

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