Sunday, June 19, 2011

DIY Project:: Cement Planters

Stunning Buds
A friend and I recently tackled a fun (but slightly challenging) DIY Project together: making our own cement planters. There is definitely a learning curve to this project. We discovered two things:  1) mixing small amounts of the cement mixture at a time - not even enough to fill one container - was the best way to go and 2) paper containers were the easiest to remove once dry. 

It was fun saving different containers to create various fun planter shapes. This beautiful little vase was created using a Neutrogena Rainbath bottle. I love the unique curve it has. The small opening was perfect for a little succulent plant that doesn't need much water since we didn't drill a drain hole in the bottom of this one. If I do this project again, I would place something small like a soda bottle cap in the bottom so I wouldn't have to drill a hole later.

If you are crafty (and brave) enough to try this project, here are the instructions we followed at re-nest:  DIY Cement Planters. Share your own beautiful creations with us plus any tips you discover in the comments. Thanks!

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