Thursday, June 2, 2011

Treasure Hunt:: Fabric and Thrift Stores

There are few things more exciting to me than the thrill of the hunt. The known and unknown, the happened upon, the out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye spotted, the just the right price, the looks just perfect with my new shoes or the it matches our sofa so perfectly... You know...the little things in our homes and wardrobes that pull it all together. The items we love so much because of the stories behind them. Whether it's how you found it, the amazing price you paid, or the far away land you or a loved one traveled to, finding treasures is so much fun and often very rewarding! 

Treasure Hunt is my new corner for sharing my wonderful little finds with you. Here are my latest trophies::
Beautiful Blue Floral Fabric    Geo Turquoise Fabric
Two gorgeous fabrics I scored for only $6/yard. The floral I'll be using on our patio to compliment our beautiful blue morning glories. The second, I'm making a beautiful gift for a friend. She loves turquoise and has a wonderful new home she is decorating. I promise I'll share my project after I pass it on.
Today's Thrift Store Loves    Faconnable Merino Wool Sweater
Several cute skirts, tops and a string of pearls that I'll be turning into a new necklace - my favorite item being the Fa├žonnable red sweater. It's so soft and comfy!
Silky Scarf Love
And my most exciting finds...a few silky scarves. When I was a little girl I played dress up with my grandmother's scarf collection so I've been on the hunt to make my own little collection. Im super excited about the thin polka dot neck scarf. I've been adding this dainty detail into my wardrobe lately. I think they make a beautiful feminine addition to a chic, clean outfit. 

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