Saturday, June 18, 2011

Five of my Faves:: Sunscreen

I love summer! (And it's almost officially here.) Mostly because the summer starts with my birthday but also because more of our days are filled with things I love: sun, concerts, the beach, and fun times with good friends. But what I don't like about summer is ending up looking like a lobster. While I am fair skinned and my sun exposure shows much more quickly than others, the sun can still cause your skin to age faster and much worse when unprotected. I've learned the hard way to get in the routine of protecting my skin because I want to enjoy every one of my summers in a bikini without all the sun spots and wrinkles!

Here are my favorite sun protectors:

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Spf 30 Sunblock Lotion
I don't like having to wear sunscreen when it's thick, streaky, hard to spread into your skin and stinks! Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch is so silky soft and goes on smooth like a lotion without sacrificing sun protective power while smelling great. It even gives your skin a little glow.

Bullfrog Ultimate Sheer Face Protection, 3-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 2)
So far I love every Bull Frog product I've tried. I have to highly recommend the Bullfrog Ultimate Sheer Face Protection. I have been on the hunt for a sunscreen that is good to my face for every day use and this one makes the cut. It's soft, doesn't streak and unlike what I've sadly found with some other face formulas, it doesn't burn your eyes.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers Natural Radiant Look SPF 30, Light - 1 Ea
For everyday protection of your face with some tint, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers Natural Radiant Look has SPF 30 so you don't need your regular sunscreen on your face but you can still stay protected.

Ocean Potion Suncare Broad Spectrum, Sunblock Lotion, Anti-Aging, SPF 30 8 fl oz (237 ml)Ocean Potion Suncare Clear Zinc Oxide Face Potion, SPF 45 1 fl oz
Ocean Potion Broad Spectrum Sunblock Lotion and Ocean PotionSuncare Clear Zinc Oxide Face Potion have been the best at keeping me protected when I'm enjoying the pool, ocean or doing any heavy physical activity where other sunscreens sweat right off.

If you can find it, Neutrogena Color Boosting Sunblock has SPF 30 and gradually boosts the color of your skin to give you a healthy glow. I even use this on my face under my makeup to give me a nice glow all year round. 

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