Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project:: Three Step Photo Collage Wall

Memory Lane
After several experiments we finally have our living room furniture arranged the way we want it so that means I could hang photos and decorate. I love putting photos of personal memories in my home so we can share out lives with friends and family and be inspired and reminded of life's beautiful little moments together every day. 

Here's how I did it::

1. Use string and tacks to mark a straight line on the wall at eye level. This will serve as your symmetrical line to give your photo collage balance while grouping them in an interesting way.
2. Lay your framed photos out on the ground to consider how they look together and decide on the spacing before you hang. I used 8 photos with various size and style black frames, some vertical and some horizontal. I chose my largest vertical frame for the center of the top row and arranged my photos with horizontal frames anchoring the top right and bottom left corners. 
3. Line up and hang the center photo of the top row first, then you can line up your surrounding photos from here. Line up the bottom edge of each frame on the top row a few inches above your line. Then line up the tops of your frames in the bottom row a few inches below the line. 
TIP:: I chose a center photo that most people's eye would naturally be drawn to first. I think this helps give the grouping more balance as well by pulling your eye to the center.

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